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For over 15 years now, Westside Income Tax has been fulfilling our deeply held ethical obligation to help both individuals and business owners in southern California save money on their taxes.

        We are pleased to offer quality financial and tax planning services not only during Tax Season from January 1 to April 15, but all year-round. Whether you’re just filing for yourself, your family, or even your large and complex business, we have the skills, experience to get you the largest possible return.

        Additionally, Westside Income Tax can provide valuable services for your business, such as payroll processing, bookkeeping, and notarization. We’re expert consultants, too! Let us help plan your corporate filings and manage your finances.

        Our office is conveniently located in Culver City, near the 405 and 90 freeways, roughly 2 miles east of Marina Del Rey, and a mile east of highway 1 on Jefferson Boulevard. We connect with clients face to face, over the phone, or through Skype/Google Hangouts.



“By far the best experience I’ve ever had filing my taxes. I will definitely recommend their firm to everyone I know, and I personally will be going to them in the future for any and all of my tax. Also they provide 25.00 Off which was great being that i am on a budget.”

Yohannes K.

“Best income tax service ever! I’ve been in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years, and have gone through a number of tax experts, and Mina is the best. I just wish I had found her years ago. She’s professional; she’s pleasant; she’s organized; the fees are reasonable; and she makes sure no deduction is overlooked. It’s a one-person operation, and I like that. You pop in, say Hi, drop off that paperwork you couldn’t find—–and she drops everything to take care of you! Need a tax person? Your search has ended!”

David M.

“We’ve bounced around to different tax professionals over the past few years, including a trip to the dreadful H&R Block, and Mina is the only one where we didn’t feel like we were just pushed through as another number and didn’t walk out feeling concerned about what just happened! On the contrary, she took extra time to really walk us through, explaining the lines and forms, and why this can be written off, why this can’t, advising us on how to do our deductions, etc! That said, my wife’s taxes are no easy project with multiple 1099s, W-2s, etc. Mina is not only thorough, courteous and thoughtful, she’s REASONABLE with her costs! Moving forward, we will not only be taking our personal taxes to her, but our business taxes, as well! If you haven’t done your taxes yet, or have tax needs, please consider her, it will be well worth it!”

Cameron F.

“All I can say is that I was one of Mina’s first clients! That was SIX YEARS AGO!!! She is the best! I am always up to date with all of my tax issues. Thanks Mina! She is not only very professional, very friendly too. Be talking to you soon!”

Michael P.

“I did my own taxes online, and I’m so glad I didn’t hit “send” when Uncle Sam and I came to the consensus that I owed him $800. I don’t make enough to owe that, and I’m an educator. I teach college. A friend suggested Mina. I was as prepared as I could be, considering I had just moved, had no receipts, and think my checkbook is somewhere under a rug or something. Mina didn’t judge; She fixed; She searched. She asked pleading questions. “What organizations do you belong to? Do they have professional dues? Does your research require a camera? Do you take people to lunch? If you travel, do you look for potential research ideas while you’re there? Meet with future collaborators?” Why yes, Mina, I do. Shazaam! After paying Mina a hefty (but totally worth it) $250, and still owing the State almost $200, I’m still … $1300 ahead. LEGITIMATELY! It’s more than what I paid H and R Block a couple years back to get me … NADA. So I’m going back to Mina every year. If you don’t want to bother thinking about this crap again, trust your time and paperwork to this fine, fascinating, funny, sweet lady instead.”

Angela O.

“Mina is very professional and helpful. We had some issues with our taxes and she was able to quickly identify the problems and resolve our issues within a timely manner and a reasonable rate. I highly recommend her.”

AA Twin Brothers Plumbing

“Mina is amazing. She is methodical, asks the right questions, and gets the job done very well! Her office is bare bones, but you don’t need much for a tax office. We will use her again next year, for sure!”

Serenity F.

“Mina helped me get caught up with my taxes and was such a pleasure to work with! I’m really happy I finally found a tax professional that won’t rip me off and will properly handle my finances. She made the entire process completely painless and I’ll definitely be back next year!”

Cie K.

“Mina is great! I was dreading doing my tax return and it was causing me stress for weeks. This was my first time visiting an accountant, and Mina made it very easy, she was super smart and informative, and she even got me money back. On top of that, she was happy to offer advice on IRA’s, 401K’s, and even tax advice on my girlfriend’s tax return. Because I was referred by a friend, she knocked off a good chunk of my final bill. Overall, I was impressed with Mina and with the whole process. I will definitely be going back to Mina next year.”

Chris S.

“Ah… What can I say about Mina? Well, I dread tax time in general, but I actually look forward to seeing Mina. This is the third year she has prepared my taxes, and I am so grateful to have found her. I’m one of those people for whom financial stuff is like a foreign language. Mina is an expert translator. She is extremely helpful, fair, kind, and just a lovely person in general. Since she went out on her own, I enjoy seeing her even more. She is a total pro, she’s fast, patient, and can answer all my questions… She makes what seems overwhelming to me into something so simple and organized. I highly recommend Mina Vallabh and Westside Income Tax. You will look forward to seeing her each year, too. She is the bright spot in the dread of tax time. Thanks Mina!!”

Sidney F.

“Mina helped me for a due diligence case. She has done her job promptly at a very reasonable price. Definitely, I will work with her again in the future.”


“Just had my taxes completed by Mina earlier today and it was a fantastic experience. Mina has an in-depth knowledge of the tax laws and really understands a variety of different businesses. She had lots of great recommendations and will be a valuable asset for us as my husband and I continue to grow our own businesses.”

Brooke O.

“I have used Mina’s services to file my taxes ever since she was recommended to me by a former roommate years ago. Mina is very professional, personable, and knowledgeable when it comes to preparing taxes. She also goes the extra step of telling me how to save even more money in the future. Mina is very meticulous and thorough in her work ethic. My wife and I both recommend her services.”

Landis S.

“Mina just finished doing my taxes for the second year in a row. A co-worker had originally recommended her to me and I’m very happy he did. I finally don’t dread tax season any more! Mina helps focus my scattered life and paper work into the right avenue so I feel secure that everything is in order and done to get the maximum return possible. She is incredibly patient (she waited quietly and I riffled through my e-mail to find my student loan information for what seemed like an eternity), explains all the numbers as she goes and is always open to answering questions. I highly recommend her services.”

Melissa B.

“Mina is the best! You can not find a better accountant in SoCal! I’ve been going to Mina for 6 or 7 years and she is a financial genius! She takes all the stress out of having to do your taxes and works those numbers hard to get you the best return possible. On top of all that, she’s very funny and nice. She’s been handling my finances for years and I live North of Pasadena and still make the drive to Culver City every year to see her! That’s how good she is! Bottom Line: You need your taxes done? Go here. That’s all there is to it.”

Jon M.

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